Friday, 10 June 2011

3 Changes to our 'Kicking Clinics'...

We are looking to run another kicking coaching day this summer. It will probably be July 29th in Bristol.

We are constantly learning and improving the way which we run our days. Here are 3 changes we are making for next time.

1. 'Clinic' not 'Camp'.

We are changing the name from 'Kicking Camp' to 'Kicking Clinic'. We feel that the word 'camp' is not the most effective word for describing what we do. Our lecture, session, feedback and Q&A is all based on Dave Alred's Phd. The information which we share is understandable but relatively technical and advanced. We feel 'Kicking Clinic' more helpfully describes the scientific nature of the learning experience we offer.

2. Reduced numbers.

We have reduced the maximum numbers of players per group. This is to ensure that we make every player better by the end of each session. By doing this it is likely that some players will miss out and we may put more clinics on. We want to prioritise quality.

3. Sub groups.

Many players have expressed an interest in returning for another Kicking Clinic. For these players we will have a sub groups so that we can introduce further information and development if the players are ready. We're looking forward to continuing the development of our returning players.

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