Saturday, 10 July 2010

Dave Sims

"I am an experienced player who has played professional rugby for Gloucester, Worcester, Exeter and England over 12 years.

As I have played at a high level I have been fortunate enough to have played with some of the best kickers in the world, most of whom have benefited from Dave Alreds coaching. They cannot speak highly enough of him. It is with this knowledge that I wanted my players to benefit from the same quality of coaching.

When I realised that Tony and Stu, both experienced professional kickers were able to offer the same coaching techniques I booked several sessions straight away. The feedback from our players was very positive, they assured me that they had all benefited from it. They were impressed with the knowledge Tony and Stu showed and the methods they used were very clear. I was able to see the results in future games and due to this have booked sessions for our pre-season training schedule.

I would highly recommend Tony and Stu to any players who are seriously interested in improving their kicking game."

Dave Sims

England, Gloucester, Exeter

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