Saturday, 10 July 2010

Ex-Chiefs Yapp and Alred kick off coaching careers

Tony Yapp presents his kicking masterclass to students at Exeter College    LAURENCE UNDERHILL EE020709_LU04_03

IN these days of professionalism, rugby players have to have an eye on what to do with their life when they finish playing.

For two former Exeter Chiefs players that will involve running their own kicking coaching business.

Tony Yapp and Stuart Alred met when the latter joined the Chiefs while studying at the University of Exeter.

They spent many an hour training together at the County Ground and working on the finer points of kicking.

Now they are turning their attention to passing on their vast knowledge of kicking techniques to other players.

Yapp, who left the Chiefs at the end of last season after smashing the club's points-scoring record in his seven-year stint, has not retired just yet.

The 31-year-old has become player/backs coach at Launceston and is looking to carry on playing.

Alred also has his work cut out, even though he retired from the professional game a few years ago.

Recently married and with his first child born last month, the 25-year-old is also training to become a church pastor.

But both are starting to increase the amount of time they devote to Alred Yapp Kicking Coaching.

As well as their own natural talents, the duo have the expertise of one of the world's most renowned kicking coaches behind them. The fact it's Alred's father, Dave, helps a little.

The younger Alred, who also played for Launceston and Devon under-21s, said his dad had passed on the wealth of knowledge he has gleaned over the years working with England and the British & Irish Lions, among other teams.

"A couple of years ago, Tony and I decided to start up a business to offer coaching to youngsters and other players," said Alred.

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